April A to Z Challenge: P is for photo and print

My father was a keen amateur photographer, he never missed an opportunity to take photos when we were growing up.  It took forever to take just the right shot and we struggled to stay still long enough he was that fussy.  I have memories of him in the dark room developing with all his chemicals, we were warned to go nowhere near in case we ruined his photos by letting light into the room.  In the morning we would find the negatives hung in the bathroom with clothes pegs and he would examine them closely to see which ones were good enough to print.  No digital photos then!  I am lucky to have many wonderful photos of my childhood and I appreciate it  now.  He also took home movies which we had converted to videos so the memories live on.


One thought on “April A to Z Challenge: P is for photo and print

  1. luciaconti

    Such a nice memory! We don’t have many pictures in my family and it’s a pity.. But your post is a very cute window over a nice part of your childhood!


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