Gus and Peggy’s Intimate backyard wedding

Gus sponsored Peggy who was born in Hong Kong to obtain a spouse visa to get married in Australia.  He hired a migration lawyer to deal with the complicated application, who recommended me to assist with the process.  I met with them both when Peggy was in Australia to sign the legal paperwork and to discuss their plans to marry.

They eventually, after the usual 9 to 12 month wait, had a lovely intimate ceremony in my backyard on a beautiful sunny autumn morning last year.  Unfortunately the night before I had stumbled at the local shopping strip in Westgarth and had a very painful and swollen left foot.  However the show must go on and I strapped it up, iced it and rested as much as I could before the ceremony.  I had a sneaking suspicion I had a fracture, but first Gus and Peggy needed me to perform their marriage ceremony, my foot would have to wait!


That afternoon I spent a few hours in the emergency department getting a moon boot and crutches fitted for my broken foot.  It was a difficult busy wedding season but all my brides and grooms were very understanding and my husband drove me everywhere!

I have been in touch with Gus and Peggy they are still waiting for a permanent visa in his words:

“Hi Anna hope you’re well, Yes you can definitely publish our story, we’re still in the process of getting a permanent visa. The process is pathetic to be honest and ridiculously expensive. Its been about a year and a half  since we applied and our agent says we’re still a long way away from getting an answer. Thank you again for your great service.”

For next week’s story we go to The Melbourne Botanical gardens for Joshua and Queenie’s wedding.

Northcote, Victoria


How I can assist you to obtain a fiance visa

You must provide evidence that you intend to marry your fiance(e) within 9 months of being granted the visa, this can be in the form of a signed and dated letter on my letterhead once you have engaged me as the celebrant to conduct your marriage ceremony.
The letter must include the date and place of the planned marriage ceremony. If you plan to marry in Australia, I will confirm that a Notice of Intended Marriage (I can supply form), has been lodged with me.
You must provide evidence that you and your fiance are of marriageable age.
The Notice of Intended Marriage form must be lodged at least one month before and no more than 18 months before your preferred date of marriage.
Once your fiance arrives in Australia we will need to meet again to complete the signing of The Notice of Intended Marriage. This can happen anytime before the marriage.